Welcome to the "New" Friends

Welcome to the "New" Friends

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BOH - The Mascot of Friends Café


As you enter our little café, you will notice on the right side of the door a number of signs and community notices. There is a sign showing our hours of business, another indicating that the interior of the restaurant is no smoking, and you will also see this sign, indicating the interior of the restaurant is a dog-free zone.

That does not mean the dogs are unwelcome on our patio. Quite the contrary. People here in Casperia love their dogs, and you will see many people walking them to and fro on the piazza in front of the restaurant or up and down the stone cobbled street from the Porta Romana at all hours of the day... And many will park their pooch under outdoor tables here at Friends while they enjoy a Negroni or a glass of wine with friends and neighbours or our many visitors from around the world while they marvel at yet another unforgettable Sabine sunset. 

But if you visit with us often enough you will notice a certain tabby tom wander underneath the tables and unchallenged by the dogs up the stairs and into the restaurant. This is Boh, the restaurant mascot. Boh likes to park himself just inside the restaurant door and survey his domain while he waits for Nicoleta to get him some food.


We don't know exactly how old Boh is. He is young. Probably two or three years old, but we have been feeding him here just outside the restaurant for the past year or so. When he first came here he was a frightened, malnourished, unhappy little kitty, but look at him now.

Nicoleta tried to adopt Boh and take him home with her but her female cat Mao Mao would have none of him and showed him to the door, which is too bad because Boh is a real gentleman at heart. This doesn't seem to have phased our Boh though. He seems to like his life as an outdoor cat as long as he is fed and watered, gets some proper attention, and is recognized as the rightful king of Piazza Umberto I and mascot of Friends Café. I think we can handle that.

In the meantime, Boh recommends you try the arrostincini (lamb skewers) and the stringozzi with ragù. Thanks Boh!


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