Welcome to the "New" Friends

Welcome to the "New" Friends

Thursday, 31 October 2013


If you travel abroad, one of the most popular television programmes on Italian language channels is Magnifica Italia from Rete 4. Our country's spectacular ancient and medieval cities and hill towns with their breathtaking surrounding scenery are shown off from the sky. Watching this television show people must think that Italy is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

No doubt for this programme small airplanes or helicopters are used to take the camera person up in the air to do the filming. However, there is another way to get these amazing bird's eye views, and this is by using a small flying camera mounted on a drone.

This past week some friends of some Canadian friends of ours visited Casperia with one of these amazing flying cameras and took some aerial videos of our town. It was a great pleasure to meet with Nicola and Irene. Click the LINK to see their amazing video.

New friends of Friends Cafe: Nicola Moruzzi and Irene Vecchio, the creators of this amazing video.


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